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Online Accounting System

The Audit Book is GST Billing Software, accessible from Anywhere, Accounts in your Pocket

A Easy and Secure Way To Manage Your Accounts on Fingertip.

The Audit Book is an Account Management Application focuses on making things easier for businesses in to managing their Accounts, day-to-day Transaction and Clients.

The Audit Book helps you organize your data and keep it protected on the cloud so that you can keep an eye on the sales, generate business reports, create and send invoices, and see the progress of the business at anytime anywhere.

Features :

1. Easy to understand and work with.

2. Data is stored on Cloud Storage , so you can access it from anywhere.

3. Provide Search option between dates.

4. Can maintain data of every individual clients.

5. Provides Search option for every transaction, clients and category of business.

Now you can take your business anywhere you go!

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How to add Audit Book as App in your Device?

If you have old version of browser and don't find Install App button in Sign-In page. Just follow these steps and you can access it as App in your device. This support's Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

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Take The Audit Book Anywhere

For using The Audit Book, you don't have to be an Expert in Finance or Accounting. We also have GST adaptable online accounting specially designed for today's businesses. We help in generating variety of business reports such as Purchase, Sales , Purchase Return, Sales Return and even Voucher. Also we have customized dashboard to help you make better decisions in the future.

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* Includes Free Updates and New Features.

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Ledger Book

The Audit Book is an Account Management Application aimed at providing simple solutions to the Business in the management of their Accounts, Reports, Transactions and Other Day-To-Day Activities.

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